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In my work I use different materials (bronze, iron, aluminum, plaster) mixed with natural elements full of energy (sand, clay, earth, vegetables). I work mainly in the open air, outside my studio, also using the intervention of all the atmospheric agents that interact and condition the materials used;

My works dialogue directly with the surrounding environment, using conscious and, more often, unconscious memory as a starting point. The work is based on informal associations in which the fragility and instability of the natural elements are discussed just as fragile and unstable are our emotions. The work generates associations and meanings, the space becomes time and the language image.

Rather than the human representation I try to interpret the feeling, the emotion. The intention is always to arrive at a result full of intimate narration where the representation is a continuous exploration of human existence. This is the need for the intervention of natural atmospheric agents, they are above human knowledge and make possible the interaction between the sentimental representation and nature. The two elements interact and therefore dialogue - the interior in communion with the exterior.

I modify the surfaces of each material as I investigate thought and emotion. My compositions are the mirror of what dwells in the inner self of every human being, I try to face it and render it to others. Investigating one's unconscious honestly and without fear allows one to re-know oneself. It is not easy to talk about one's own fragility, to lay bare oneself, to question certain certainties and to transmit them through one's work; doing so, however, allows us to deal with important themes and reminds us of certain meditations necessary to discover the light that inhabits the darkness.

When I work I question the meaning of "movement" which I consider as a metaphor for man always in search of something. Movement reveals the intrinsic that reflects our vulnerabilities. My works sometimes appear as abstract dream images where fiction and reality meet, meanings change, past and present merge. Time and memory play a key role by challenging the division between lived and present experience.

I offer the viewer a world of balance and intervals that articulate the flow of events; The moments depicted reflect our existence, try to find the poetic meaning of everyday life. I deconstruct to the extent that meaning becomes possible multifaceted interpretation, I do not tell stories, I do not make metaphors rather, I create sequences that reveal an inseparable relationship between movement and feeling. I invite listening through the creation of compositions that generate images/memories. I offer traces and balances on the edge of the recognizable as a kind of positive alienation.
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